Cinnamon Toast Crunch cream ale

I love a good cream ale.  Often called “lawnmower beers”, these light, high adjunct ale/lager hybrids are a quaffable delight.  While a light beer like Genessee always hits the spot, I also enjoy heavier import cream ales, like Wexford Irish Cream Ale.  Platt Park makes a medium body, vanilla bean infused cream ale called Madagascar Dream that was one of my favorite beers of 2015.

I’d recently been working through a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, making this witty observation:


And I thought: why not make a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cream ale? Did I think: cream ales require two fermenting temps?  No. Cinnamon is hard to measure how much to put in beer? No.  Maybe I should let the previous beer finish to find out if I even make good beer in the first place? No.

Cream ales are traditionally started at ale temps, and then finished at lager temps. This wasn’t going to be possible so I decided I’d just be doing it at ale temp.  Since this wasn’t a hoppy beer, I just needed a bit of hops for an early bittering addition, so the Nugget I’d picked up for the PSL would have to work.  I also had the other half package of S-04, so I figured I’d use that.  Cream ales tend to have lots of corn in them, so I read a few recipes and decided on a ratio.  I added a bit of crystal 20 for some sweetness, and some biscuit to try to impart the toast flavor.

  • 1.38lb 2 row
  • .31lb 20L crystal
  • .19 biscuit
  • .31 flaked corn
  • appx 1/2 oz Nugget
  • .1/2pkt S04 yeast
  • cinnamon
  • irish moss
  • gelatin fining
  • 3/4c maple syrup

Mashed around 150, hops that equate to 120 ibu at the start of boil, 1/2c maple syrup at img_55501knockout, S04 pitched at 70, put in ferm closet that was probably holding like 77 degrees because we had a super hot fall and I live on the third floor.

Tried gelatin fining.  Absolutely love it and will use it on all my beers that aren’t highly hopped.  Explaining it has been done several times over throughout the internet, so I won’t bother here, but this is my favorite explanation.

Bottled with other 1/4c maple syrup.  Desigctcaned pretty good label.

This beer was terrible.  Terrible.  Like the PSL before it, it fermented way too hot and had way too much bittering hops; plus cinnamon has been a pain every time I’ve put it in my beer.  Most of this one went down the drain.


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