Sauerkraut is easy and good for you, and you should make it.  My family made sauerkraut when we moved to this country and bought a chunk of land from William Penn.  Historically, my people would just bury a crock of cabbage in the yard and wait.  But I don’t have a crock or a yard or patience, so

You literally just:

  • Shred some cabbage
  • Massage it a bunch with non-iodized salt until it starts to sweat
  • Put it in a jar
  • Mush it down with some sort of weight (I just set a smaller jar full of water inside the bigger jar full of cabbage)
  • Make sure the cabbage stays below the liquid line.  If necessary add more salt water
This is after two months of fermenting and a week of eating most of it.

That’s about it.  Fourteen days to two months later you have sauerkraut.

Why?  Because cabbage naturally has lactobacillus on it, and when you get the juices to come out, the LAB gets to work making the cabbage softer and raising the acidity.

It was delicious.


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