Tinkerbelle Strawberry Wheat

I decided at some point to brew a series of cat themed beers.

Cat themed beers.




Anyway, I know a lot of cats and I’m really enjoying label designing, so I decided there will be a series of beers called Le Meow where I model each after cats I know.

First up is my mom’s cat Tinkerbelle.  Tinkerbelle had stayed with me for a while during the time my parents were between houses (they downsized when they became empty nesters and had a gap between moving).  She’s a fluffy, oddball tortoise/tabby.  She has an unusual taste for berries, and for as long as my mom has had her, she likes to steal raspberries, blackberries, etc. and munch on them.

I threw together a super simple wheat beer, with the intent of finishing it on strawberries for a week in secondary.

I don’t have many photos for this one, so just trust me.  Here’s a gif.img_57261


  • 1lb USA 2 row
  • 1lb flaked wheat
  • .1oz Hallertauer at 60
  • .1oz Hallertauer at 0
  • 1/3pkt WB06

That’s it.  Single infusion, despite the flaked wheat.  6om at 150.  No mashout. Sparge.  Boil for 60, hops according to schedule.  Crashed to 70, pitched, aerated, no evap skirt (WB-06 is very comfy in the low 70s).  After a week, pasteurized half a pound of strawberries on the stove, crammed these into a fermenter, siphoned the beer on top.

This beer went nuts.  I think it was a combination of the additional sugar, and all the many nucleation points on the strawberries, but this beer foamed and bubbled like crazy for two weeks.  The strawberries lost their color and turned into a weird, kelp-like mess.  I decided to siphon this beer to tertiary to clear up.  At this point it had to be fermenting, like, starches in the body of the strawberry, and I wasn’t sure I’d want that.

It smelled fantastic. Huge burst of strawberries.  I began to worry that it would taste too strawberry.

The beer continued to ferment for several more days.  After another week, I bottled.  Siphoning the beer into the bottling bucket set free another full bouquet of lovely strawberry scent.  The small sample I tasted actually had a nice amount of fruit but not too much and was strongly a wheat beer, not a fruity nightmare.

Label came out great.


Three weeks later I started pouring, and the strawberry was gone.  I’m still confused by this.  It was such a strawberry punch-in-the-face until it was actually poured.  It poured like a weird wheat beer but with a sharp dryness to it.  Like the strawberries contributed their sugar, but the flavor got lost.  Oh well.  As with all my beers, I have a bottle reserved for a 6-12 month remembrance, and we’ll have to see what happens then.


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