Cascade Single Hop IPA kit

During the holidays I was ordering presents for friends and took advantage of a sale at Brooklyn Brew Shop to pick up a cheap kit.

I don’t have a recipe for you since it all just came in a box.  I used my evap-skirt cooling to keep the temp under control.

This beer came out just okay.  It was a bit sweeter and maltier than I’d hoped, and I’m not sure if I’m hitting a too-high mash temp, or just drinking before the yeasties in the bottle are done eating up the sugar, but it’s an issue that showed up in the three pales that would follow as well.  I have some thinking to do.

Overall, the Cascade in this beer wasn’t as prominent as I’d hoped.  It came out bitter, but needed a bigger aroma note. I think that producing a kit that asks the brewer to dry hop would lead to a lot of beers with hop floaties, or asking people to get more equipment and/or possibly contaminate their beer, but the learning experience for me on this one was that single hop beers should probably be dry-hopped.

Nothing wrong with this beer, just super boring.


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