Berliner Weisse update

So, the Berliner took off within a few hours and the krausen had settled by this morning.  Berliners are typically low ABV beers, but I had a pretty thick grain bill to overcompensate for any efficiency issues.  It’s possible, especially at the 72 degrees the closet is holding, for this beer to have rushed through primary pretty fast, but 24 hours in would be really fast.  I took a gravity reading and it was down to 1.031.  Since I forgot to take an OG (becoming a bad habit) I didn’t have anything to compare it to, BUT, with the large grain bill, even at a truly abysmal efficiency, this would be at least 30 (and up to 60 if I’m hitting my max efficiency I’ve managed) points lower.  Which is a huge amount of points to gobble up in a day.  Regardless, I’ll just relax for now and take another reading in a few days.  Its putting up a bit of bubbles, but its burping out one every ten seconds compared to the twins (brewed a week ago) putting out a bubble every 40, so it seems like a pretty big drop in activity.  The whiff of the beer I got during the sample smelled pretty great, so I think we’re good there.

Hopefully my panic was unnecessary.  I’ll try to leave her alone and take another reading in a week.  Don’t want to end up like this guy.



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